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The iPad’s App Store is subject to application and content approval. Many older devices are susceptible to jailbreaking , which circumvents these restrictions. The original iPad was well-received for its software and was recognized as one of the most-influential inventions of As of the third quarter of , iPad had a market share of There are two variants of iPad; one has only Wi-Fi and one has support for cellular networks. John Sculley, Apple’s chief executive officer, led the development.

The MessagePad was poorly received for its indecipherable handwriting recognition feature and was discontinued at the direction of Steve Jobs , who returned to Apple in after an internal power struggle. Apple also prototyped a PowerBook Duo —based tablet computer but decided not to release it to avoid hurting MessagePad sales. In May , Apple filed a design trademark patent in Europe for a handheld computer, hypothetically referencing the iPad, beginning a new round of speculation that led to a report of Apple-affiliated manufacturer Quanta leaking Apple’s orders for wireless displays.

D, that included an illustration depicting a man touching and using a tablet device. In August , Apple filed a page patent application that includes an illustration of hands touching and gesturing on a tablet computer. In September , Taiwan Economic News , citing “industry sources”, reported the tablet computer Apple was working on would be announced in February , although the announcement was made in that year’s January.

The iPad’s concept predates that of the iPhone, although the iPhone was developed and released before the iPad. Ive sought to develop the tablet first but came to an agreement with Jobs the iPhone was more important and should be prioritized. The first generation of iPad was announced on January 20, , [17] and pre-ordering began on March It has four buttons; a home button that directs the user to its homepage , a wake-and-sleep button, and two volume-control buttons. Its multi-touch -based display has a resolution of 1, by pixels.

The second generation of iPad was announced on March 2, , and released on March It has one camera each on the front and the back, both of which support Apple’s FaceTime video-telephony service.

Apple slimmed the iPad by eliminating the display’s stamped-sheet-metal frame, using thinner glass for the screen overlay, and eliminating some space between the display and battery.

The third generation of iPad was announced on March 7, , and released on March Unlike the iPhone and iPod Touch ‘s built-in applications, which work in portrait, landscape-left and landscape-right orientations , the iPad’s built-in applications support the upside-down orientation of the device. Consequently, the device has no “native” orientation; only the relative position of the home button changes.

The fourth generation of iPad was announced on October 23, , and released on November 2. It has a five-megapixel, rear-facing camera that is capable of recording p videos, and a p front-facing FaceTime HD camera.

Its display is 2, by 1, pixels. The fifth generation of iPad was announced on March 21, , and released on March It uses an Apple A9 chip with an accompanying M9 motion coprocessor, and its cameras can capture low-light and HD-quality shots. Despite using the same Apple A9 and M9 processors as the iPhone 6S, it lacks support of the always-on ” Hey Siri ” voice recognition, a feature advertised as being made possible by low-power processing in those chips.

The sixth generation of iPad was announced on released on March 27, The seventh generation of iPad was announced on September 10, , and released on September It added support for the Smart Keyboard accessory.

The eighth generation of iPad was announced on September 15, , and released on September The Apple A12 also included an embedded Neural Engine, and is capable of processing 5 trillion operations per second.

Its Retina Display had a resolution of by pixels. The ninth generation of iPad was announced and released on September 14, Its Retina Display features their True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the screen color temperature according to the ambient lighting.

The first generation of the flagship, smaller iPad Mini was announced on October 23, , and released on November 2. It uses a dual-core Apple A5 chip, and has hardware resembling that of the second generation of iPad. It targets the emerging sector of mini tablets , such as Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. The second generation of iPad Mini was announced on October 22, , and released on November Its hardware resembles that of the first generation of iPad Air.

The third generation of iPad Mini was announced on October 16, , and released on October It uses an Apple A7 chip with an embedded M7 motion coprocessor, and its 7.

The fourth generation of iPad Mini was announced and released on September 9, It uses a dual-core Apple A8 chip with an embedded Apple M8 motion coprocessor. Its headphone jack was re-positioned with the removal of a mute switch. The fifth generation of iPad Mini was announced and released on March 18, The sixth generation of iPad Mini was announced and released on September 24, Its megapixel Ultra Wide front camera featured Apple’s “Center Stage Mode” technology, while its megapixel back camera had larger apertures, True Tone flash, and Smart HDR automatic shadow and highlight recovery.

It includes a USB-C port, capable of transferring up to 5 gigabits per second of data; improved landscape stereo speakers; and a brighter Liquid Retina Display. The first generation of iPad Air was announced on October 22, , and released on November 1. It also came with a Retina Display. The second generation of iPad Air was announced on October 16, , and released on October It used an Apple A8X chip with a 2. Its 8MP iSight Camera had 1. It also had an extended range of LTE telecommunication service.

The third generation of iPad Air was announced on March 18, , and released on March The fourth generation of iPad Air was announced on September 15, , and released on October It used an Apple A14 Bionic chip, which comprised Its Its front 7-megapixel Facetime Camera is of p and 60 fps, while its megapixel webcam featured 8 aperture, 4k, 60fps, and video stabilization.

The fifth generation of iPad Air was announced on March 08, , and released on March It used an Apple M1 chip. The first generation of iPad Pro , a high-end and professional flagship, was announced on September 9, , and released on November 11, It used an Apple A9X chip, with a 2x higher memory bandwidth and a 1.

It audio system consisted of 4 audio ports and its volume were more 3x more efficient than the second generation of iPad Air, and its inch screen display had a resolution of by pixels.

The second generation of iPad Pro was announced on June 5, , and was released on June It can process Hz HDR quality medias, 2x higher quality than its predecessor. It also had a megapixel rear-facing camera and a 7-megapixel front-facing camera. The third generation of iPad Pro was announced on October 30, , and released on November 7, and it is the first iPad to support 1 TB of storage. The fourth generation of iPad Pro was announced and released on March 18, It introduced a megapixel ultra-wide camera, alongside its megapixel wide camera, capable of capturing 4k video.

These cameras allow it to capture medias with wider visibility, and its audio system automatically detects and attracts any orientation nearby. The fifth generation of iPad Pro was April 20, and released on May It debuted Apple’s “Center Stage mode” technology, which pinpoints the positions of the users and automatically tracks the camera view accordingly to perspectivally centralize them.

The Unlike the iPhone, the cellular variant did not support voice calls and text messages, but only data connectivity; it also had an additional micro-SIM circuit slot attached on the side. The 3G-based iPad is compatible with any GSM carrier, unlike the iPhone which is usually sold locked’ to specific carriers. One supports LTE bands 4 and 17 principally intended for use on the U. A and Rev.

Apple extended the range of cellular compatibilities worldwide with the release of the fifth generation of iPad and the second generation of iPad Mini, worldwide and all major carriers across North America. A and B. Apple offers many iPad accessories, ranging from keyboards, styluses, cases, to adapters; a 10 W power adapter is bundled with the device.

Since its introduction in , the iPad runs on the iPhone ‘s iOS mobile operating system , but it was later replaced with an optimized derivation, iPadOS , in September It shares the former’s development environment and many of its applications and features. The iPad is compatible with nearly every iPhone application through iOS, and developers can optimize these applications to take full advantage of the iPad’s software. The iOS user interface is based upon direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures such as swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch.

Interface control elements include sliders, switches, and buttons. Along the top of the screen is a status bar, showing information about the device and its connectivity. The status bar itself contains two elements, the Control Center and the Notification Center. A homescreen may be made up of several pages, between which the user can swipe back and forth, one of the ways to do this is to hold down on the “dots” shown on each page and swipe left or right.

To the right of the last page, the App Library lists and categorizes apps installed on the device. Apps within each category are arranged based on the frequency of their usage. In addition to a category for suggested apps, a “recent” category lists apps recently installed alongside App Clips recently accessed. Users can search for the app they want or browse them in alphabetical order. Double-clicking the Home Button or swiping up from the bottom of the screen and pausing will display all currently active spaces.

Each space can feature a single app, or a Split View featuring two apps. In iPadOS, while using an app, swiping up slightly from the bottom edge of the screen will summon the Dock, where apps stored within can be dragged to different areas of the current space to be opened in either Split View or Slide Over.

Dragging an app to the left or right edge of the screen will create a Split View, which will allow both apps to be used side by side. The size of the two apps in Split View can be adjusted by dragging a pill-shaped icon in the center of the vertical divider and dragging the divider all the way to one side of the screen closes the respective app.

If the user drags an app from the dock over the current app, it will create a floating window called Slide Over which can be dragged to either the left or right side of the screen. A Slide Over window can be hidden by swiping it off the right side of the screen, and swiping left from the right edge of the screen will restore it.

Slide Over apps can also be cycled between by swiping left or right on the Home Indicator in the Slide Over window and pulling up on it will open an app switcher for Slide Over windows. The iPad does not employ digital rights management DRM , but the OS prevents users from copying or transferring certain content outside of Apple’s platform without authorization, such as TV shows, movies, and apps.

Also, the iPad’s development model requires anyone creating an app for the iPad to sign a non-disclosure agreement and pay for a developer subscription. Critics argue Apple’s centralized app approval process and control of the platform itself could stifle software innovation.

Of particular concern to digital rights advocates is Apple’s ability to remotely disable or delete apps on any iPad at any time. Digital rights advocates, including the Free Software Foundation , [95] Electronic Frontier Foundation , [94] and computer engineer and activist Brewster Kahle , [96] have criticized the iPad for its digital rights restrictions.

It offers [the major media companies] the opportunity to essentially re-create the old business model, wherein they are pushing content to you on their terms rather than you going out and finding content, or a search engine discovering content for you. Like other iOS devices, the iPad can be “jailbroken”, depending on which version of iOS or iPadOS it is running, thus allowing applications and programs that are not authorized by Apple to run on the device. Apple’s App Store, which provides iPhone and iPad applications, imposes censorship of content, which has become an issue for book publishers and magazines seeking to use the platform.

The Guardian newspaper described the role of Apple as analogous to that of British magazine distributor WH Smith , which for many years imposed content restrictions. Due to the exclusion of pornography from the App Store, YouPorn and others changed their video format from Flash to H.

Media reaction to the original iPad was mixed. The media noted the positive response from fans of the device, with thousands of people queued on the first day of sale in a number of these countries.

The iPad was quickly successful and sold in large numbers after its launch. Analysts have noted that while Apple’s previous iPod and iPhone launches took some time till taking off, the iPad was commercially popular from the beginning and faced little market competition during its first year.

Media reaction to the announcement of the original iPad was mixed. Walter Mossberg wrote, “It’s about the software, stupid”, meaning hardware features and build are less important to the iPad’s success than software and user interface, his first impressions of which were largely positive.

Mossberg also called the price “modest” for a device of its capabilities, and praised the ten-hour battery life. CNET also criticized the iPad for its apparent lack of wireless sync which other portable devices such as Microsoft’s Zune have had for a number of years. The built-in iTunes app is able to download from the Internet as well. Reviews of the original iPad have been generally favorable. In the former section, he notes that a laptop offers more features for a cheaper price than the iPad.

In his review for the latter audience, however, he claims that if his readers like the concept of the device and can understand what its intended uses are, then they will enjoy using the device. This is a new category of device.

But it also will replace laptops for many people. The media also praised the quantity of applications, as well as the bookstore and other media applications. The original iPad was selected by Time magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions of the Year , [] while Popular Science chose it as the top gadget [] behind the overall “Best of What’s New ” winner Groasis Waterboxx. The iPad had a relatively stable global market share. It received a significant drop in the third quarter of but gradually recovered, although not as abundant as before.

As of the third quarter of , it had a market share of While the iPad is mostly used by consumers, it also has been taken up by business users. Examples of uses in the workplace include attorneys responding to clients, medical professionals accessing health records during patient exams, and managers approving employee requests. It hopes to have fewer back and muscle injuries. The iPad has several uses in the classroom, [] and has been praised as a valuable tool for homeschooling.

In the healthcare field, iPads and iPhones have been used to help hospitals manage their supply chain. For example, Novation, a healthcare contracting services company, developed VHA PriceLynx based on the mobile application platform of business intelligence software vendor MicroStrategy , a business intelligence app to help health care organizations manage its purchasing procedures more efficiently and save money for hospitals.

Guillermo Ramas of Novation states, “Doctors won’t walk around a hospital with a laptop. With an iPad it’s perfect to walk around the hospital with as long as they have the information they need.

In , Gianna Chien aged 14 presented to more than 8, doctors at the Heart Rhythm Society meeting that the Apple iPad 2 can, in some cases, interfere with life-saving heart devices pacemakers because of the magnets inside. The iPad is able to support many music creation applications in addition to the iTunes music playback software. These include sound samplers, guitar and voice effects processors, sequencers for synthesized sounds and sampled loops, virtual synthesizers and drum machines, theremin-style and other touch responsive instruments, drum pads and many more.

Gorillaz ‘s album, The Fall , was created almost exclusively using the iPad by Damon Albarn while on tour with the band. Source: Apple Newsroom Archive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Line of tablet computers by Apple. This article is about the line of tablet computers by Apple Inc. For the first-generation iPad, see iPad 1st generation. For the type of mobile computer, see Tablet computer. For the different types of iPads and other uses, see iPad disambiguation. For the eye-protector, see Eyepad.

Not to be confused with iPod or iPAQ. Foxconn on contract [1] [2] Pegatron [3] [4]. Depends on model. Main article: iPad accessories. Further information: Comparison of iPad models. Main article: iOS jailbreaking. See also: Timeline of Apple Inc.

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March 18, Archived from the original on February 24, February 28, Archived from the original on March 8, Retrieved March 1, BBC News. March 8, Archived from the original on October 20, October 23, Archived from the original on July 11, Get support Ask questions, find answers and technical resources quickly, or get support contact details within our seachable knowledge base.

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Filemaker pro 15 advanced development guide free


You can: import from a remote source into a local or remote file import from a local source into a local or remote file Example 1: Importing from a remote source Source. Open Source.

Close Target. Transfer Target. Open Target. Example 2: Importing from a local source Source. Date and time selection You can’t select seconds or fractions of seconds in FileMaker Go. To enter seconds, tap on the editing toolbar above the keyboard.

Scripted or calculated times will display seconds on the device. On iPad, the keyboard remains active while date selection is active.

Printing The print options that you set for a file in FileMaker Pro have no effect on the print options for the same file in FileMaker Go, and vice versa. You can view the following text styles in FileMaker Go: bold, italic, underline, word underline, double underline, title case, uppercase, lowercase, and strikeout.

Data entry Only fields are supported in the tab order. You can set up Tab and Return, but not Enter, to go to the next field. The Auto-Correction setting will not work in text fields that have script triggers set up to capture keystrokes.

Input method editors IMEs will not work in text fields that have script triggers set up to capture keystrokes. You must use the Export Records script step to: select fields that are not on the current layout. Snapshot link files When a snapshot link file that was created in Preview mode is opened in FileMaker Go, the file displays in Browse mode.

Popovers In FileMaker Go, popovers are dismissed when you tap outside the popover and when you start to scroll or zoom. External keyboards Some keystrokes behave differently on external keyboards. Shift-Tab isn’t supported. Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All keys Supported Keystrokes to move between records for example, Control-Down Arrow Not supported Modifier keys for example, Option or Alt Not supported Eject key Hides or shows the onscreen keyboard Arrow keys Not supported for value lists or date, time, and timestamp lists Scripts and functions behavior To abort a currently running script, tap anywhere on the screen, and confirm that you want to abort the script.

If you do not make a choice, the script will continue running. When you switch to another app, FileMaker Go enters a suspended state unless there is an audio or video file playing. When you return to FileMaker Go, the app and scripts resume from where they left off.

For hosted files, if any records in the data set that a script is acting on were modified while FileMaker Go was suspended, the script aborts. If no records were modified, the script continues. When you restart FileMaker Go, it uses the hibernation file to reopen files. A hibernation file is not generated when a script with Allow User Abort set to Off was running when you switched away from FileMaker Go.

By default, the files created by script steps appear in the Device tab and are saved in the Documents folder. To save the files in a temporary folder, use the Set Variable script step to create a variable to specify the output file path and filename for the script step. You can use the following example to create an email with the file as an attachment.

File Options dialog box to log in automatically In FileMaker Pro, you can use the File Options dialog box to automatically log in using a specific account and password when you open the file. User manual override In FileMaker Go, users can temporarily bypass the default login information when they open a file by touching and holding a filename in the files list. For more information, visit our website at Edition: Build solutions using FileMaker Pro. Then use FileMaker Go to work with the data on an ios device.

For example, you can add, modify, delete, find, and sort records; display data in Form View, Table View, and List View; view information in portals, tab panels, slide panels, and web viewers; scan bar codes; and perform scripts and other tasks. Use one of the following options to work with data in FileMaker Go: 1 Connect to a hosted file from an ios device and work with data interactively. When you change data on the ios device, the data is updated on the host computer, and vice versa.

When you transfer a file to your ios device, you are creating a copy of the remote file. When you make data changes to the local file, the remote file is not updated. You must transfer the file back to your computer, then use FileMaker Pro to import and update data.

For information about importing data, see Importing to and from a transferred file on page 7. For information about connecting to hosted files or transferring files to or from a device, see FileMaker Go Help.

This guide provides information about tailoring solutions for FileMaker Go. To enable peer-to-peer sharing in FileMaker Pro: 1.

In FileMaker Pro, open the file. Select the file s to be hosted from the list of Currently open files. For Network access to file, choose All users or Specify users by privilege set. Click OK. Here is an overview of the process used to host files with FileMaker Server.

In FileMaker Pro, edit the accounts and privilege sets that clients will use for shared access for example, Access via FileMaker Network. See FileMaker Pro Help. When FileMaker Server starts, it opens and hosts all FileMaker Pro files located in the default database folder and in the optional additional database folders, if specified.

See FileMaker Server Help for more information on server administration. Connecting to solutions After you share and host a file, you can connect to it as a client in FileMaker Go. See FileMaker Go Help. Devices connect to hosted solutions using the fmapp extended privilege. Keep the following points in mind: 1 When you transfer a file to your ios device, you are creating a copy of the remote file.

To set up a file to import and update data from the local file to the hosted file using FileMaker Pro, see Importing to and from a transferred file, below. Otherwise, the file may not transfer properly and become damaged. Because of ios security, you cannot transfer files if the device is locked. Transferring a file with container fields that store data externally To transfer a file with container fields that store data externally, you must first embed the container field data.

Then transfer the copy, not the original file. Importing to and from a transferred file You can use the Import Records script step to merge data from a local FileMaker Pro file on a device to another FileMaker Pro file.

Set up the field mapping and import order before you import. You can: 1 import from a remote source into a local file 1 import from a local source into a remote file 1 import from a remote source into a remote file 1 import from a local source into a local file Example 1: Importing from a remote source Source. It needs a script that imports data from a remote source Source. You can then run the script in FileMaker Go to update the local file Target. Open Source. Create an Import from Remote script in Target.

For example: Import Records [No dialog; Source. Specify the import order. Close Target. Open Target. The local database is updated with data from the remote database. Example 2: Importing from a local source Source. Transfer Source.

Create an Import to Remote script in Target. In the Edit Script dialog box, select the Import Records script step and select Specify import order. If the source fields do not appear in the Import Field Mapping dialog box, select Specify data source. Then add another path to Source. Run the script Import to Remote. Using Target. Tip After you complete one import, the field mapping is retained if you selected Arrange by: last order in the Import Field Mapping dialog box.

There is no longer a need for the file:source. Features not supported in FileMaker Go FileMaker Go does not support the following FileMaker Pro features: 1 creating and modifying database schema such as tables, fields, relationships, data sources, and privileges 1 creating and modifying database structure such as layouts, scripts, value lists, and custom menus 1 importing data from any formats other than.

You can type seconds into the field. Scripted or calculated times will display seconds on the device. Note FileMaker Go displays menu items that are removed, but they are disabled. Printing 1 The print options that you set for a file in FileMaker Pro have no effect on the print options for the same file in FileMaker Go, and vice versa. You should specify page margins if you re printing a layout where exact spacing is important, like labels or a preprinted form. Exporting By default, all manual export operations except.

You must use the Export Records script step to: 1 select fields that are not on the current layout. You can use the Insert From Device script step to enter content into a container field from a music library, photo library, camera, video camera, microphone, or signature; or to enter content into a container field or text field from a bar code source.

Video and audio playback in container fields You can use FileMaker Pro to create scripts that control playback options in FileMaker Go, including playing the media in full screen or as embedded; playing, pausing, or stopping the media; disabling user interaction; showing or hiding playback controls; or choosing the position to start the playback from. Snapshot link files When a snapshot link file that was created in Preview mode is opened in FileMaker Go, the file is displayed in Browse mode.

Scroll bars in portals When the Allow vertical scrolling option in the FileMaker Pro Portal Setup dialog box is enabled, FileMaker Go users can scroll within a portal using an ios scroll bar. For the Show scroll bar option, choose Always to display the scroll bar all the time, or When scrolling to display it only while scrolling occurs. Popovers In FileMaker Go, layout popovers are dismissed when you tap outside the popover and when you start to scroll or zoom.

Scripting and calculations Important Test your solution to ensure your script steps are supported. Scripts and functions behavior 1 To abort a currently running script, tap anywhere on the screen, and confirm that you want to abort the script. If you do not make a choice, the confirmation will dismiss itself after a few seconds, and the script will continue running.

When you purchase FileMaker you get a blank slate construction tool for rapidly building powerful custom application solutions. There are some built-in template files that are included but they are quite basic and may require work to make them work specific for your work situation. You need to design them yourself for your situation.

Every FileMaker database is different. Depending on who developed it for you, the skill level of the developer, and what kind of standards or best practices they used to develop the solution. Learning how to use the solution that was built for you by someone or you built yourself is very different than learning how to be a developer and create your own solutions.

Microsoft , Motorola Mobility v. Apple Computer. Apple has also had to defend itself against charges on numerous occasions of violating intellectual property rights. Most have been dismissed in the courts as shell companies known as patent trolls , with no evidence of actual use of patents in question.

Apple has a notable pro-privacy stance, actively making privacy-conscious features and settings part of its conferences, promotional campaigns, and public image. Prior to the release of iOS 15 , Apple announced new efforts at combating child sexual abuse material on iOS and Mac platforms. Parents of minor iMessage users can now be alerted if their child sends or receives nude photographs. Additionally, on-device hashing would take place on media destined for upload to iCloud, and hashes would be compared to a list of known abusive images provided by law enforcement; if enough matches were found, Apple would be alerted and authorities informed.

The new features received praise from law enforcement and victims rights advocates, however privacy advocates, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation , condemned the new features as invasive and highly prone to abuse by authoritarian governments.

Apple contributes financially to fundraisers in times of natural disasters. As of October 26, [update] the following individuals sit on the board of Apple Inc. As of March 16, [update] the management of Apple Inc.

Apple has also received criticism for its willingness to work and conduct business with nations such as China and Russia, engaging in practices that have been criticized by human rights groups. Without access to Apple-approved Nvidia web drivers, Apple users faced replacing their Nvidia cards with graphic cards produced by supported brands such as the AMD Radeon , from a list of recommendations provided by Apple to its consumers. The recall affected , units, and Apple was criticized for the long waiting periods consumers experienced, sometimes extending up to 3 weeks for replacements to arrive; the company also did not provide alternative replacements or repair options.

The movement argues Apple is preventing consumers from legitimately fixing their devices at local repair shops which is having a negative impact on consumers. The authority added that Apple provided no assistance to customers with water-damaged phones, which it said constituted an aggressive trade practice.

In December , a report found that the iPhone 11 Pro continues tracking location and collecting user data even after users have disabled location services. According to published reports by Bloomberg News on March 30, , Apple turned over data such as phone numbers, physical addresses, and IP addresses to hackers posing as law enforcement officials using forged documents. The law enforcement requests sometimes included forged signatures of real or fictional officials.

The United States Department of Justice also began a review of Big Tech firms to establish whether they could be unlawfully stifling competition in a broad antitrust probe in The arrangement created aligned prices for Apple products such as iPads and personal computers for about half the French retail market. According to the French regulators, the abuses occurred between and but were first discovered after a complaint by an independent reseller, eBizcuss, in The suits come after both Apple and Google blocked the game after it introduced a direct payment system, effectively shutting out the tech titans from collecting fees.

Facebook had, however, stated that the company will not participate directly with the lawsuit, although did commit to helping with the discovery of evidence relating to the trial of In the months prior to their agreement, Facebook had been dealing with feuds against Apple relating to the prices of paid apps as well as privacy rule changes. Barr criticized Apple for refusing to unlock two iPhones of a Saudi national, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, who shot and killed three American sailors and injured eight others in the Naval Air Station Pensacola.

It said that the policy is based on the guidelines of the United Nations on business and human rights, in early September In , Apple complied with a request by the Chinese government to ban a Quran app from its devices and platforms. In September , Apple removed an app from its App Store created by Alexei Navalny meant to coordinate protest voting during the Russian legislative election. The Russian government had threatened to arrest individual Apple employees working in the country unless Apple complied.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American multinational technology company. Traded as. Consumer electronics Software service Online services. Cupertino, California. Arthur D. Operating income. Net income. Main article: History of Apple Inc. See also: History of Apple Inc. For a chronological guide, see Timeline of Apple Inc.

Main article: Macintosh. Main article: iPhone. Main article: iPad. See also: Typography of Apple Inc. For the programming language, see Apple Logo. First Apple logo — [].

First official logo — []. Third logo — []. Current logo since but co-existed with the third logo until []. Main article: Apple Inc. Main articles: Apple Park and Apple Campus. Main article: Apple Store. Further information: Criticism of Apple Inc. This section relies too much on references to primary sources.

Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources. See also: List of mergers and acquisitions by Apple. See also: Category:Directors of Apple Inc.

See also: Category:Apple Inc. Main article: Criticism of Apple Inc. This section should include a better summary of Criticism of Apple Inc. The Guardian. Archived from the original on April 14, The Telegraph.

BBC News. Retrieved November 24, Next Shark. January 6, Retrieved May 2, Business Insider.


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The presentations cover programming, design, and other topics and range from introductory to advanced. Almost all regularly scheduled presentations are delivered by Apple employees. These presentations are streamed live , and recordings can be viewed on demand on the Apple Developer website in the conference’s iOS and tvOS applications. At the labs, which run throughout the week, Apple engineers are available for one-on-one consultations with developers in attendance.

Apple organizes social get-togethers during the conference for various groups, such as women in technology or developers interested in internationalization or machine learning. The Thursday evening Bash previously the Beer Bash at a nearby park features live music, food, and drinks for all attendees 21 years or older.

In , the first WWDC was held. In , Jobs introduced the famous Macintosh, the second graphical interface personal computer, to developers. This was also the first year the conference was open to the media. In , System 7 was announced. In , WWDC’95 focused almost fully on the Copland project, [18] which by this time was able to be demonstrated to some degree.

Gil Amelio stated that the system was on-schedule to ship in beta form in later summer with an initial commercial release in the very late fall. However, very few live demos were offered, and no beta of the operating system was offered. In , WWDC’96’s primary emphasis was a new software component technology called OpenDoc , [19] which allowed end users to compile an application from components offering features they desired most.

As proof of concept, Apple demonstrated a new end-user product called Cyberdog , a comprehensive Internet application component suite offering users an integrated browser, email, FTP, telnet, finger and other services built fully of user-exchangeable OpenDoc components.

ClarisWorks later renamed AppleWorks , a principal product in Apple’s wholly owned subsidiary Claris Corporation , was demonstrated as an example of a pre-OpenDoc component architecture application modified to be able to contain functional OpenDoc components.

The show focused mainly on the work in progress, including a short history of development efforts since the two development teams had been merged on February 4. Several new additions to the system were also demonstrated, including tabbed and outline views, and a new object-based graphics layer NSBezier.

To receive new features, such as protected memory and preemptive multitasking, developers had to rewrite applications using the Yellow Box API. Developer complaints about the major porting effort to what was then a shrinking market and warnings that they might simply abandon the platform, led Apple to reconsider the original plan. Carbon addressed the problem by dramatically reducing the effort needed, while exposing some of the new functions of the underlying OS.

Although the reasons for this switch remain unclear, Quartz also included better support for the extant QuickDraw model from the classic OS, and as later learned Java2D. Supporting QuickDraw directly in the graphics model also led to a related announcement, that the Blue Box would now be invisible , integrated into the extant desktop, instead of a separate window. The system formerly named OpenStep , and during development termed Yellow Box , was formally renamed Cocoa.

Recent changes included a modified dock and improved versions of the developer tools. Developer Preview 4 was released at the show, with the commercial release pushed back to January Approximately 3, developers attended and the band The Rippingtons played at the Apple campus. Over 4, developers attended, and leather jackets with a large blue “X” embroidered on the back were distributed to attendees.

In , Mac OS X v. Apple also screened the Pixar film Finding Nemo for attendees, ahead of its premiere in cinemas. Approximately 3, developers attended. New displays were introduced in and inch widescreen. Mac OS X Tiger WWDC was held from June 6 to The conference consisted of lab sessions and 95 presentation sessions, while more than Apple engineers were on site alongside 3, attendees from 45 countries.

The band The Wallflowers played at the Apple campus. The standard Mac Pro featured two 2. An Xserve update, based on the dual core Xeons, was also announced. Redundant power and Lights Out Management were further product improvements to Apple’s server lineup. The WWDC attracted 4, developers from 48 countries, while there were sessions and hands-on labs for developers.

Apple presented a feature-complete beta of Mac OS X Leopard , even though its release date was pushed back to October. Jobs announced that a version of Safari , Apple’s proprietary web browser , had been created for Windows , and that a beta release was being made available online that same day. Apple also announced support for third-party development of the then-upcoming iPhone via online web applications running in Safari on the handset.

The announcement implied that Apple, at least for the time being, had no plans to release an iPhone software development kit SDK , meaning that developers must use standard web protocols. Also, Jobs noted during the keynote that more than 5, attendees were present at WWDC , breaking the prior year’s record. The band Ozomatli played at the Yerba Buena Gardens.

Apple reported that, for the first time, the conference had sold out. There were three tracks for developers, iPhone, Mac, and IT. Mac as MobileMe. Announcements at the keynote included the release of the iPhone OS 3. This was the first year plastic badges were used instead of printed paper badges.

On June 7, , Jobs announced the iPhone 4 , [30] whose technical problems, combined with Jobs blaming phone owners for them, would dominate the aftermath of the conference ” Antennagate “. Attendees received a black track jacket with the letters “WWDC” across the vest and the number “10” stitched on the back. The event reportedly sold out within just 12 hours of the 5, tickets being placed on sale on March 28, Attendees received a black track jacket similar to that of the prior year, but with a smaller “WWDC” across the front and the number “11” stitched on the back.

This was the final Apple event hosted by Jobs. Apple changed the purchasing process by requiring purchases to be made using an Apple ID associated with a paid Apple developer account.

Tickets went on sale shortly after am Eastern Time on Wednesday April 25, , and were sold out within 1 hour and 43 minutes.

In prior years, attendees were required to be at least 18 years old. In , Apple changed this requirement to at least 13 years after a minor who was “accidentally” awarded a student scholarship in successfully petitioned Tim Cook to retain the award. Despite the change, Beer Bash attendees were still required to be 18 years old, and 21 years old to consume alcohol, in accord with local and federal laws.

Attendees received a black wind breaker with the letters “WWDC” across the front and the number “13” stitched on the back. Announcements included the new programming language Swift , many developer kits and tools for iOS 8, but no new hardware. Walk the Moon performed there. Apple proclaimed that the keynote would be the largest ever for developers; this became the reality when they allowed third-party developers to extend the functionality in Messages , Apple Maps , and Siri.

The keynote was more about software updates and features, as no new hardware was introduced. Apple released the Home App that works with HomeKit as a control center for all third-party applications which provide functions for the home.

Also, Swift Playgrounds was announced as an iPad exclusive app that helps younger people learn to code with Apple’s programming language Swift. Weezer performed at the Bash at Discovery Meadow Park. The event video footage was recorded at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. In total, the event got over 22 million views [61] with around 72 hours of content. WWDC , with the tag line “Glow and behold. There were no new hardware announcements at the conference. As with , the event video footage was recorded at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

WWDC , with the tagline “Call to code. Stage Manager for Macs was also introduced during the initial presentation. Prominent podcasters Jim Dalrymple and John Gruber hold events nearby, and former Apple evangelist James Dempsey performs a benefit concert.

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